Friday, August 10, 2012

House Sitting Day 5 . . . Camp Nelson

While in the Bluegrass area we were lucky enough to participate in an archaeological dig at Camp Nelson, located just south of Nicholasville.  Camp Nelson was a Union supply depot, refugee camp, and a major recruiting and training center for African American troops . . . it was the third largest in the nation.

The archaeological dig we participated in was located in the area of a sutler store.  Mostly we found nails, bits of glass, wire, and such.

A person next to Dudeboy found a mule-shoe.  I think a button was also found.

However, it seems the most excitement was generated by this sardine tin.

This is the only original building to survive from the days of Camp Nelson.  The "White House" as it was known served as the officers' quarters.

Monument for Graveyard No. 1.

Recreation of Fort Putnam, based on period maps and archaeological studies, which is part of the defense network surrounding Camp Nelson.

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