Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break part 3

On the last day of my trip we went to the Frazier International History Museum. I saw different things all over the museum. By the way, did you know you can see famous English battles upstairs like Hastings and Culloden? On the next level down was American History, and we saw the Boone family bible and Kentucky long rifles that used flint. I also liked the special exhibit about the Henrietta Marie, a slave ship that sank. They found different objects on it. At the very bottom floor, there were tons of guns, a room full. I also saw actors playing Lincoln and Douglass debating. The museum was very big. Soon there will be an animated video of the crusades on my blog. Watch for it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break part 2

On Wednesday we went to Big Bone Lick State Park. It is called the birthplace of American paleontology. There was a naturalist who took us all over the park. We looked for fossils and he showed us bison. And I got to pet two snakes. The animals came there because there was an enormous salt lick. Some of them got stuck in a bog. They found lots of different fossils at Big Bone Lick. There were mammoths, mastodons, two types of ground sloths, giant bisons, giant musk oxen, and the humongous elk moose. They had life-size recreations of some of them. You can see them in these pictures. After Big Bone Lick we went to a Walmart in Ft. Mitchell to look for fossils. They cut into a hill to build the Walmart and it is here you can find some fossils. We found tons of crinoids, corals, and Merkin found a big nautiloid cephalopod. Check back tomorrow to find out about the Frazier International History Museum.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break part 1

Note . . . Because of our extended trip, this report will be broken up into several posts.

On Tuesday Merkin, Dr. J and I went to the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Station. We went to the Natural History Museum. First we saw the fossils. We saw mammoths, mastodons (you can tell the difference between mammoths and mastodons by looking at their teeth. The mammoth had the flat teeth of a grazer and the mastodons had the bumpy teeth of a browser), trilobites, crinoids, giant sloths, giant bisons, giant musk oxen, and we saw several different types of rock. There was a cave that you could walk through and explore. There were real bats! There were waterfalls in the cave. And there was an ice tunnel going through a glacier. The tunnel led to the Big Bone Lick exhibit. There was a mammoth dying in a bog. And there was a giant sloth. Close by was a smilodon . . . a saber-toothed cat. That night we stayed at General Butler State Park. Check back tomorrow about our adventures at Big Bone Lick State Park and fossil hunting behind Walmart.
Dude Boy