Monday, March 31, 2014

National History Bee . . . Nashville Regional Finals

Dudeboy just returned from the Nashville Regional of the National History Bee.  He was fairly nervous, but he did really well and made it all the way to the championship round.  So, we are very proud to say Dudeboy is a Regional Top-10 qualifier for the National History Bee National Finals to be held in Atlanta on June 6-8.
*Update . . . here is a photo from the twitter page of the National History Bee.  Dudeboy is on the far left side of the photo.  These kids were the finalists from the championship round.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Trip to Indy, Part 2

It is impossible to get everything in a single photograph.  Needless to say, the person who created all of this is very driven.  While we saw no posted signs, we viewed it all from the road.  It would have been nice to amble amongst the dinosaurs, whirligigs, and countless other installations.

The Indiana Medical History Museum compares very favorably to two of our favorite museums . . . the Mütter Museum and the Moosnick Medical and Science Museum at Transylvania University.  Without a doubt, this was our favorite destination of the whole trip to Indy.

 The 100 seat amphitheater.  Even the chairs are original (however, the seats were recaned).

Cold storage unit for awaiting the autopsy room . . . 

The autopsy room complete with table, drains, scales, and a built-in speaking tube connected to offices in the floor above.

One of the three laboratories . . .

Dudeboy perusing through the newly acquired collection (one of the curators (?) just bought the collection for herself and let us look through them as she was organizing them) of stereocards of disease, skin rashes and the like for use with a stereoscopic viewer.

In the library of the facility.  Dudeboy was in heaven . . . oaken cabinets, old books, odd paintings, etc. I daresay, he could envision this as his own study.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trip to Indy, Part 1

The past few days, Dudeboy and I joined Dr. J for a trip to Indianapolis where she had a conference for those English-Rhet-Comp type people.  While she was all business, we played.
 Our first stop was the Morris-Butler House.  Unfortunately, it is now closed to tours while they "implement a new vision for the property."  Needless to say, Dudeboy was very bummed about this development.

Indiana War Memorial . . . this massive memorial houses a museum dedicated to Indiana's involvement in the various wars throughout our nation's history .  . . from Tippecanoe to our most recent endeavors in the Middle East.

One exhibit is a recreation of the radio room of the USS Indianapolis.  If you are not familiar with the harrowing story of the Indianapolis, you will want to take a few moments to look into it.

The Shrine Room is "the emotional and architectural core of the Memorial" being a striking remembrance of the Great War.

The Benjamin Harrison Home . . . the last home of the 23rd president (wedged between the non-consecutive terms of Grover Cleveland).  The home is amazing for the sheer amount of original furnishings that make up the collection.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art . . . Dudeboy in front of the iconic "LOVE" statue by Robert Indiana. Unfortunately, time didn't allow us to do justice to both the permanent collection and the temporary exhibit The Essential Robert Indiana, so we elected to limit our Robert Indiana to this permanent piece.

 Dudeboy interacting with the A Room installation by Sopheap Pich.

Dudeboy's first in the flesh encounter with Bosch.

The recently acquired Dream of Spring by Bouguereau.  After our brutally cold winter, I admit no shame in being totally enamored with this over-the-top celebration of the season.
Amazingly, on this first full day we were also able to visit the Indiana State Museum, but none of the pictures I took are worth sharing.  I must note they have a nice exhibit on the natural history of Indiana . . . lots of trilobites and such!