Tuesday, August 7, 2012

House Sitting Day 2, Part 1 . . . Henry Clay and Mary Todd Lincoln

"House sitting" on day 2 partly consisted of touring a couple of other homes.  Our first sojourn took us to Henry Clay's estate Ashland.  As with most of these fancy pants historic homes photography within is prohibited.

Clay might not recognize the home today as his son rebuilt the home upon the original foundation.  Still, it is a beautiful home . . . Dudeboy and I were both particularly taken with the library.

 Henry Clay's law office from 1803 to 1810.  

The tomb of Henry Clay in the Lexington Cemetery.  

Mary Todd Lincoln's house . . . It is impossible get a decent picture of the front as the very busy thoroughfare of Main Street encroaches within feet of the home.  As with Ashland, no photography is allowed inside of the house.

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