Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fife Family Fish Fulfilled Weekend

The Fife clan converged on Louisville for our first mega (to be annual) Fish Fulfilled weekend.  The goal being eating as much fish as we can in one weekend.  This year we hit Check's Cafe in the Germantown - Schnitzelburg neighborhood, Suburban Fish Fry in the south-end near the racetrack, Mike Linnig's on the river, and PassTime Fish House in J-Town.  Our numbers were pretty good, and I daresay fun was had by all (I certainly drank a fair amount of Falls City).  The representatives of the Fife clan included Todd, Malcolm, Vic, Phyllis and Charlie, Tracy, Scott and Ann, and Noni.  Our auxiliary group consisted of Greg "Studs" N., William and Lynn, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Pip Monster, Action Jackson, Greg G., Wayne and Ann, Denise, Brent, Marilyn and Bill.  Discussions of where to go next year have already transpired.  In honor of our youth, I suggested at some point we eat King Fish in our cars.

PassTime Fish House . . . fish attrition . . . the down to the final four.