Thursday, August 9, 2012

House Sitting Day 4 . . . Indiana

Pigeon Roost State Historic Site (War of 1812) near Underwood, Indiana.  Coordinated attacks by Native Americans near the beginning of the war at both Pigeon Roost and Fort Harrison put the Indiana settlers on constant alert.

At the village of Pigeon Roost, twenty-four settlers were massacred, including 15 children.  There is one horrific story of a mother unintentionally smothering her baby while trying to mute its cries while hiding from the attackers.

 Reconstruction of Fort Vallonia in Vallonia, In.      

The Medora Covered Bridge is the longest historic covered bridge in the U.S.  

It was originally built in 1875 and has recently been renovated.  

It has a total length of about 460' . . . for scale, Dudeboy is that small spot in the far-end opening.

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