Monday, December 31, 2007

Creepy Close-Up of the Week . . . The Hole

Dude Boy made out like a bandit this xmas. One of the items that we will be using extensively for home schooling is a Digital Blue USB microscope that was a gift from Tracy, Ralph, Phyllis and Charlie Dog. We will use the microscope for a weekly blog entry that we will call “Creepy Close-Up of the Week.” Our first installment is The Hole.

Dude Boy's Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,
I had to go to sleep early on Christmas eve. On Christmas day, I opened a lot of presents. Then I helped my mother make a gingerbread house. Later my grandparents and my uncle came over for Christmas dinner. Nana and Papa gave me a quill that really writes. Saturday we went to Ralph and Tracy’s for Pa’s 80th birthday and the Fife family Christmas party. Mane made me a uniform of a revolutionary war soldier, and she also made me a magician’s outfit. Thanks to everyone for all my presents. I liked everything!
Happy New Year!
Dude Boy

Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter break!

Hello family and friends,
Today we put up our Christmas tree. I have started my winter vacation. I really needed a break! We will still do some fun day trips. I am going to Mane and Pa’s for a few days. I will write again when I get back.
Love, Dude Boy

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Letter of the Week . . . Caves

Hello family and friends,
Fun day this week was all about caves. First we went to Diamond Caverns. It is a pretty cave with neat formations. Then we learned about the famous cave explorer Floyd Collins. We went to Sand cave. While exploring the cave, his leg got trapped by a rock and he died. Then we went to his grave. The top of his tombstone was covered with pennies.
Love, Dude Boy
Formations in Diamond Caverns

Cave Bacon

Dude Boy atop flowstone

Dude Boy at the Sand Cave entrance

The grave of Floyd Collins

Monday, December 3, 2007

An early Christmas present

I got an early Christmas present! It’s a piano. We had to get a BIG U-haul to get it here. Thank you to Uncle John and Uncle Vic for helping us move it. It is a Baldwin Acrosonic from the early 1950’s. I like the way it sounds. Listen to me play Ode to Joy by Beethoven.
Love, Dude Boy