Wednesday, August 8, 2012

House Sitting Day 3 . . . Historical Museums and Such

Today started off with a quest for Richard Mentor Johnson . . . the ninth vice-president of the United States.  Did you know that Kentucky has 4 vice-presidents?  Only New York (11), and Indiana (5) have more.  Massachusetts also has 4.

"Rumpsey Dumpsey, Rumpsey Dumpsey, Colonel Johnson killed Tecumseh."  Johnson is also credited as the man who killed the great Tecumseh at the Battle of the Thames (Battle of Moraviantown) during the War of 1812.  This display about Johnson is located at the Georgetown and Scott County Museum. Johnson lived in Scott County.  He is also infamously known for having a longterm relationship with his slave Julia Chinn, whom he basically treated as a common-law wife.

This desk and chair are from the trial pertaining to the assassination of Governor William Justus Goebel.  After a disputed election, Goebel was sworn in as governor one day after being shot.  He died a few days later.  On the trip we also saw the bullet that killed him, and the vest and coat he was wearing when he was shot.  Of course, Dudeboy, on previous trips, has visited the site where Goebel was felled and his gravesite.

An exhibit about Daniel Boone is at the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History in Frankfort.

A casting of the skull of Daniel Boone.

Switzer Covered Bridge in Franklin County.

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