Monday, October 20, 2014

Drilling at Oaklands Mansion

This past weekend, Dudeboy, Dr. J and I joined the 9th Ky for a living history encampment (read "drilling") at the Oaklands Mansion in Murfreesboro, Tn.  We had, for once, absolutely beautiful weather the whole weekend.

There is quite a bit of history that pertains to the house . . . during the war C.S.A. President Jeff Davis stayed at the home in 1862, and in that same year Nathan Bedford Forrest defeated Thomas Crittenden in the First Battle of Mufreesboro with much of that battle taking place near here, and "it was here on July 13, 1862, that Nathan B. Forrest received the surrender of Federal forces occupying Murfreesboro."  Another nearby marker states, "July 13, 1862- Surrender of the Union garrison took place about 4:00 P.M. Units surrendered were Brig. Gen. T. T. Crittenden and staff, detachment of the 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry, detachment of the 8th Kentucky Cavalry, "B" Battery, Kentucky Light Artillery, the 9th Michigan Infantry and the 3rd Minnesota Infantry. Stores valued at $500,000, four field-pieces, 60 wagons, 300 mules and 175 horses were taken. The entire Union force of about 1200 lost 19 killed and 120 wounded. Confederate losses were 30 killed and 60 wounded. The Confederates withdrew to Readyville, thence to McMinnville after tearing up the railroad and destroying bridges."

 Dr. J at the spring below the house.

Working on the basics. 

The bastards made me a corporal!  How lowly the 9th must be . . . 
*the above photo was taken by cousin JoAnne