Monday, August 3, 2009

Roadtrip '09

Dudeboy will be posting entries throughout the next several days about our vacation/history blitz. Just so you can make some sense of it all, here is our trip itinerary:

  • Day 1: Drove to Lynchburg, Va. (We got to see a giant "LU" carved into a hillside by Falwell and his minions).
  • Day 2: Appomattox Court House NHP, Poe Museum and the White House of the Confederacy.
  • Day 3: Historic Jamestowne NHP and Colonial Williamsburg
  • Day 4: Colonial Williamsburg
  • Day 5: Yorktown NHP and Colonial Williamsburg
  • Day 6: Mariners' Museum and the USS Monitor Center, and Nags Head
  • Day 7: Fort Raleigh NHS, Roanoke Island Festival Park, and Wright Brothers NM
  • Day 8: Cape Hatteras NS and the Bodie Island Lighthouse, and then drove to Winston-Salem, NC to visit with Regis and his family.
  • Day 9: Toured the area with Regis and then drove to Zed's (some of which was by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway).
  • Day 10: Kings Mountain NMP and Cowpens NB
  • Day 11: Drove to Whippoorwill Hill in Wartburg, Tn.
  • Day 12: Drove home by way of Mane and Pa's

Finally, I am lifting the permissions on who can view the blog, because so many of you have had problems with the passwords and such. However, I will enable the comment moderation. Which means I'll have to o.k. all comments before they get published. Remember, this is Dudeboy's blog. This is a trial run with open access to the blog, meaning we might go back to the old way of passwords and membership.

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