Monday, August 10, 2009

Roadtrip '09 Part 3

Day 4: 7-15-09

At Yorktown, where the British got defeated by the Americans and French, it pretty much ended the war. Cornwallis went out on the peninsula thinking the British fleet would pick him up. But the French fleet from the Bahamas, commanded by De Grasse, sailed up the coast and the British, who were plundering an island, didn't know the French had gone. So they sailed up the coast to the Chesapeake but the French fleet wasn't there. They went to New York, but the French fleet still wasn't there. They were joined by Admiral Graves who was stubborn. They sailed down the coast but the French fleet had taken the Chesapeake while the British navy was in New York. The greatest sea battle in American history didn't have one American in it. The French kept control of the Chesapeake and so the seige of Yorktown began.

That night we played putt-putt back in Williamsburg.

Kodak movement . . . Dudeboy sitting on the officers crapper on a ship.

Merkin and Dudeboy participating in the artillery demonstration.

Redoubt 10. It was captured by Alexander Hamilton (effectively ending the siege of Yorktown). Hamilton's men took Redoubt 10 in 10 minutes and he is on the $10 bill.

The lane where the British surrendered to the Colonists and French soldiers. Dudeboy represents the Yanks and Dr. J represents the French.


Stinky` said...

If Dudeboy represents the Yanks and Dr. J the Frogs, I suppose the photographer (viz the Evil Merkin) represents the vile British, perhaps even being the personification of the odious Bloody Banastre Tarleton!!

Merkin J. Pus-Tart said...

From the Yorktown Battlefield webpage . . . "When the surrender took place on October 19, special precautions were taken to ensure that Tarleton would not be hung by the victorious Americans."

Stinky` said...

I doubt that in this case The Dudeboy would have taken such precautions.