Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Roadtrip '09 Part 5

Day 6: 7-17-09

We went to the beach and I built sand castles. Then we went to Roanoke, the first English colony: it failed. At Roanoke we went to see the Elizabeth II, a reconstructed 16th-century merchant ship. I got to go all over most of the ship.

That afternoon we went to the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kill Devil Hills. There we saw the distance markers of their first powered flights in 1903. The famous picture of the first flight was taken by a rescue team worker who had never taken a picture before, but it was a great picture.

Earthworks at Fort Raleigh.

Monument for Fort Raleigh and Virginia Dare.

The Elizabeth II.

Land ho!

We have lift off.

The fourth and final flight at 852 feet.

The third (and mostly unknown) Wright Brother hitching a ride.

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