Monday, June 16, 2014

A 9th Kentucky Wedding . . .

An original ferrotype by Wendell Decker (see here and here for our previous sittings with Wendell).

Another original ferrotype by Wendell Decker.

Father and son on Father's Day weekend . . .

Dudeboy in line at one of the demonstrations for our Old Mulkey Meeting House living history event.

Apart from our annual Old Mulkey Meeting House living history event another important occurrence transpired this weekend  . . . an antebellum-themed wedding involving two 9th Ky. members Todd W. and Tara.  They met at the Old Mulkey event two years ago and fell in love. (Photo taken by Cousin JoAnne)

(Photo taken by Cousin JoAnne)

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little ginger said...

You guys are the coolest!