Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Culhanes Go To The Big City

This is the last entry for our trip to Atlanta and the National History Bee . . .

Room with a view . . . this is looking outta our hotel room.

Same view, but during the day.  You could see both Kennesaw Mountain and Stone Mountain off in the distance.

Looking down into the guts of our hotel . . .

OK, here are the Culhanes I was referring to in the entry title.  They acted like had never been on a dag-blasted elevator before.  Granted, the thing was glass and zoomed at a pretty good speed up to our floor some 40-something stories up.  Dudeboy was apprehensive about getting on the thing at first, but after that first time he didn't want to exit it!

One place we always wanted to visit, but never had a chance is the Martin Luther King National Historic Site.  Well, we thought this would be a perfect tie-in with the history bee.

Dudeboy on MLK's boyhood home.  Unfortunately, tours of inside the home were booked solid. Word to the wise, if you want to tour the home, go early in the day and get a reservation (it can only be done in person).

The funeral carriage for M.L. King.

 The gray rectangle in the back at the top of the photo is the tomb for M.L.K and his wife Coretta.

"What'll ya have!"
One last stop for us before leaving Atlanta . . . the Varsity, which claims to be "The World's Largest Drive-in Restaurant."  I daresay it has to be one of the busiest, as that place was hoppin'.

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