Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our day with Wendell

Here is a "photo essay" from our portrait sitting with Wendell Decker.  I am not gonna go through all of the details of the process, which was fairly involved, for the photos should be fairly self-explanatory. Of course, Wendell made it all look effortless. By the way, here is a pretty good article about Wendell in the local paper. 

Coming into view . . .

 Looking through Wendell's camera with my camera.  This is what the photographer sees.

Waiting for the exposure . . .

Wendell in the "dark room."

Going into the bath . . .  

 The image emerges . . . 

Killing time while the plates dry.

On the drying rack.

Heating the plates to prep for the varnish to adhere.

Varnishing the photos.

The one of a kind finished product. 

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