Sunday, March 3, 2013

Morgantown, USA

Saturday Dudeboy and I took full advantage of the wonderful weather to hightail it up to Morgantown in Butler County to visit a couple of the tourist sites located in that vicinity.  Well, actually I doubt these places get many visitations and the weather for the day was fairly suspect.  Regardless, we made the best of it and had a grand time.

"In Memoriam, Granville Allen, Co. D 17th KY Inft. Was killed near this spot Oct. 27, 1861. Kentucky's first blood in the War of the Rebellion. Erected by Granville Allen Post 93 G.A.R., Dec. 1894."  Actually, the Battle of Camp Wildcat occurred a few days earlier on Oct. 21, 1861.  

This is one of the more unique monuments we have visited, for it was carved right into a rockface that is exposed along the Old Logansport Road . . . apparently, as a reminder to all who traveled the road of what transpired here at the Skirmish at Big Hill.

Click on this link to see a turn of the century photo of the same spot . . . which is today situated on private property away from the current Logansport Road and is now all but a forgotten old roadbed in some woods.

The marker along the current Logansport Road states:
First Union soldier killed in west Kentucky, while skirmishing on the Big Hill with CSA scouting party Oct. 29, 1861. A stone monument erected, 1894, by Granville Allen, Post 98, G.A.R., marks the place. Member of Co. D, 17th Kentucky Inf., enrolled by Col. John H. McHenry, Calhoun, Oct. 3, 1861. Union army volunteers south of Green River risked danger for home and family.

We then visited this undocumented arch which is obviously known to the locals (graffiti and trash).  It is situated just outside of the downtown area along the Green River.

It is situated high in a cliff with commanding views of the Green River.

The view of Green River from the arch . . .


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That is a neat monument. Liked the view from the arch.

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Mane says she wishes she go with you sometime.

Anonymous said...

Wish I wuzz there with you all