Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Founders of Fountain Run

The plaque reads . . . "In memory of Naysa Simmons Jan. 5, 1774 - Jan 18, 1859 and wife Sally Stephens."  They are Dudeboy's gr-gr-gr-gr-great grandparents . . . Naysa begat Jordan.  And Jordan begat Joel "Top."  And Top begat Riley.  And Riley begat Lewis.  And Lewis begat Margie Wilson.  And Margie begat Merkin, who was wicked in the sight of the Lord.  And Merkin begat Dudeboy.

Sally's headstone is the fieldrock to the lower left and Naysa's is at the bottom right (you can still read his inscription).

 Uncle Vito pondering the profundity of existential angst.

Naysa's two-story log home was located somewhere on this rise near the cemetery (the taller trees on the left).

Just below the cemetery is this spring where it is said that Naysa kept his still.  Naysa was repeatedly kicked out of the church he helped organize (the first meetings of the church were in his home and he later donated land for the permanent structure) for making moonshine.  Supposedly, he would sit on the steps outside the church while service was going on and wail and cry until they would let him in.

John Jacob (Jake) Goodman . . . Oct. 20, 1784 - Dec. 25, 1881.  Jacob is Dudeboy's gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-great grandfather.  John Jacob begat Mary Ann, who begat Jim.  And Jim, who married the witch Thursday Jane, begat Creolia.  And Creolia begat Pernie, who begat Lewis.  And Lewis begat Margie Wilson.  And Margie begat Merkin, "who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it." And Merkin begat Dudeboy, who is "a very naughty boy."       

Carrying on the biblical theme . . . one history of Fountain Run states John Jacob (Jake) Goodman was "comparable to Abraham of old whose seeds were numbered as the sands of the seashore, as he begat thirty-two children"!!!!  I have seen the number 30 elsewhere, but I won't quibble about that.  Fortunately, that was with two wives.  As Dr. J noted, being related to Jacob probably makes us related to everyone in Fountain Run.  He was 78 when his last child was born.

Jacob's home stood somewhere on the hill behind Dudeboy.  Apparently, Jacob owned much of what now constitutes Fountain Run.  His father fought in the Revolutionary War.  Jacob was "reported to have the strength of Atlas."  Given his output, I'd say so.
Jake's Branch . . . Jacob was the namesake for this stream that runs through the Fountain Run area.  This is the small creek that flows behind Ann's Old Mill Restaurant.

The quotes for this entry came from Fountain Run: Yesterday and Today

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Josephine Kelch said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post. I am Will Russell's grand daughter. My mother was Laudie Lee Russell Gosnell. I am doing our family research now on the Simmons and this really is a great piece of history. once again thank you.
Josephine Gosnell Kelch