Friday, March 15, 2013


Some people go to Florida or Mexico for Spring Break . . . we went to Evansville!  

The Reitz Home Museum  . . . built in 1871, this amazing home was styled in the French Second Empire architecture.  Dudeboy is totally enthralled with mansard roofs, so a visit to this insanely ornate home was a given.

Unfortunately (as with most museum homes) photography is not allowed on the inside.  The detailing inside the house is at times completely over-the-top, but it all works.  Of course, as Dudeboy put it, "these people were stinking rich!"

There are many other homes in the same neighborhood that are also impressive . . . some well cared for and some not so much.  Talking to the docent reminds one how much effort is needed to save one of these places.

We also visited the Evansville Museum Transportation Center, or EMTRAC.  There is a good deal of exhibits pertaining to the L&N.

From the website:
The Tennessee Club Car also played a role in American politics.  In 1952, it was used by General Dwight Eisenhower in his successful campaign for the presidency, and in 1964 it was utilized by Lady Bird Johnson as she stumped the South for her husband, President Lyndon Johnson.  As the Tennessee Club Car was refurbished for use by Mrs. Johnson, it was in pristine condition when it arrived at the Evansville Museum. 

Dining car.  We finished our day in Evansville by spending a lot of money at Dick Blick.  It was like a candy store for Dudeboy.

View of the interior of the caboose.  On the way home we stopped by Owensboro and ate at Moonlight Bar-B-Q.  Sufficiently stuffed, we headed home to rest-up for this weekend . . .  

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