Friday, October 26, 2012

Eastern Kentucky Trip . . . Day 2

On the second day of the trip, we headed to Carter County . . . which would be our destination for the rest of the trip.  The first three photos are of the only "on trail," or marked natural arch we visited.  It is the Carter Caves Natural Bridge.

 The skylight in the ceiling of Carter Caves Natural Bridge.

Technically, I guess Carter Caves Natural Bridge is more of a tunnel than an arch.  Some persnickety archers state that if the length is greater than the width, then it is a tunnel.  Still, it is a true natural bridge as it was formed over a body of water and a road is atop the formation.

 The rest of the photos are of off-trail arches, some of which are located on private property.  Above is the first arch we visited in the area.

 Arch #2 . . . back entrance.  Note Dudeboy's silhouette on the right side.

 Arch #2 . . . front entrance.  Note Uncle Vic and Dudeboy for scale. 

 Arch #3 . . . 

 Arch #4 . . .

 Arch #5 . . . 

Arch #6 . . . view of the front of a large complex.  Look for three figures.  Dudeboy stands on the far left side, in the entrance of a large arch/tunnel.  You access it by the dark area behind Larry in the foreground, and then by climbing through the passageway Uncle Vic is seen lying in (just left of the middle).  This is a "new" arch for us.  We came across it while looking for another nearby formation.

 Arch #6 . . . front entrance (where Dudeboy was standing in the above photo).

 Arch #6 . . . the rear entrance.

Uncle Vic back at the campsite . . . 

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Anonymous said...

That Uncle Vic sure is a handsome dude, don't you think Malc? You were right there with me when we came through the tube to the tunnel. You're quite the explorer.