Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eastern Kentucky Trip . . . Day 1

This past weekend (well, actually Friday through Monday) Dudeboy and I joined Uncle Vic on a trip  to eastern Kentucky to document a few natural arches in Martin and Carter counties.  The trip was especially satisfying for me, for I finally made a sojourn to Martin County . . . the last of the 120 counties in Kentucky for me to visit.  It only took me close to fifty years to accomplish this . . . little Dudeboy has 97 of them already!  The boy gets around.
Here is the map for Dudeboy . . . Blue indicates the counties he has visited, and Red is what he has remaining.

The first arch we visit was located just outside Inez on private property.  A couple of new friends led us on the hike on a beautiful fall day.  With an arch like this it is obvious there will be others to document in Martin County.  This one is about 47' wide.

While we were up on top of this mountain, we ran into the adjacent property owner who invited us to a nearby cookout.  It was fairly amusing, for when hiking in these remote places we are always wishing for a ice cream shop or burger shack to miraculously appear . . . well, this day it did!

It is humbling to be cognizant of the fact that there are so many significant arches still out there to be found in Kentucky.  Obviously many are known to locals, but most people have no interest in them, and therefore have not documented them.  I guess, over the last couple of years, I begrudgingly began coming to the realization that I am only going to visit a fraction of the total number of natural arches in the state.

The appropriately and wonderfully named "Big Pa's Britches" . . . located not far from the disastrous coal slurry spill that happened back in 2000.

It is a free standing arch that measures about 5' wide by 16' or so high.  It is located on private property.

Dudeboy flanked by a couple of fossilized trees located adjacent to Highway 645 near Inez.

Given the easy access, it is encouraging to note that these things are in such great shape.

Birthplace of Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson in Louisa, Lawrence County, Ky.  His father was the jailer and the home was adjacent to the jail.  It is now a museum/welcome center.  Unfortunately it was closed by the time we got there.   

Vinson is buried in Pinehill Cemetery, which overlooks Louisa.

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Wow, What a great trip! Way to hang in there with us, Malc.