Friday, March 26, 2010

Looeyville Part 3

Final installment for the Louisville trip

On Saturday we went to the Goss Avenue Antique Mall, and I liked it. I only got to go through half. I wanted to get a big metal key that I was going to hang on my room door, but I didn't have my money with me. Next we went to Suburban Social Club and ate fish for lunch. Then we met some friends at the Louisville Zoo. It seems like most of Louisville was at the zoo because it was the first pretty day of spring. I am glad they had a Komodo dragon; it was the first one I ever saw in real life. We saw a gorilla picking its nose for several minutes. You see how close gorillas are related to people? Sunday when we got back we went to a show at the WKU planetarium called "Exoplanets." It was definitely an action-packed spring break!

Three dodos

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