Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looavill Part 2

Second day of our trip to Louisville . . .

On Friday we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum. I saw the first bat they made. It had a very thick handle compared to bats today. Bud Hillerich was the originator of the Louisville Slugger bat. On a day when a baseball player broke his bat, Bud jumped onto the field; he said, “I think I can make a better bat.” And he did. His father tried to talk him out of making baseball bats, but making butter churns like his father suggested wasn’t enough for Bud. We also did a factory tour.

Then we went to the 21c Museum Hotel. And we saw weird art. Sometimes I liked it, and sometimes I didn’t. There was a film called In G.O.D. We Trust that reminded me of the Yellow Submarine. I liked a piece of art that had falling letters called Text Rain (pictured below). There was portrait of Obama made out of wax that I really liked. That might of been my favorite piece of art at the gallery.

We also went to the Louisville Science Center and saw the imax movie named Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure that actually had parts from old films in it.

It was a very busy day!


The world's largest bat built to scale from one of Babe Ruth's Louisville Sluggers.

Dudeboy needs to eat a few more hotdogs to really pull off this portrayal.
Big leaguer?

Signature row.

"Text Rain"

Orange is in this year.

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Aunt Pee & Uncle Charlie Dog said...

Little Dude, What about that Museum hotel? Did you go into the bathroom? I loved that place. I ate at there for lunch - it was very hip. You've lived more in your little life than I have in my 55 years.