Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Danville, Dinosaurs and Dudeboy

To kick off our spring break, Dudeboy and I travelled to the Danville area with another homeschooling family. Our ultimate goal was to see the exhibit Dinosaurs: The Big Picture at Danville's Community Arts Center. The life-sized cast skeletons in the exhibit are from one of the largest private collections of dinosaur fossils in the country (amassed by a local father and son).

Dudeboy at the Isaac Shelby Cemetery State Historic Site. Isaac Shelby was a hero at the Battle of King's Mountain, and he was Kentucky's first and fifth governor.

In front of the Dr. Ephraim McDowell House. In 1809 McDowell performed the first successful abdominal operation. He removed a 22 pound tumor from a woman who sang hymns during the operation (this was before the days of anesthesia).

At Perryville . . . near the H.P. Bottom house.

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Adonis said...

Grant says "Malcolm is handsome. The skeletons are creepy." Schuyler says "Everything is cool!"