Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Trip to Indy, Part 2

It is impossible to get everything in a single photograph.  Needless to say, the person who created all of this is very driven.  While we saw no posted signs, we viewed it all from the road.  It would have been nice to amble amongst the dinosaurs, whirligigs, and countless other installations.

The Indiana Medical History Museum compares very favorably to two of our favorite museums . . . the M├╝tter Museum and the Moosnick Medical and Science Museum at Transylvania University.  Without a doubt, this was our favorite destination of the whole trip to Indy.

 The 100 seat amphitheater.  Even the chairs are original (however, the seats were recaned).

Cold storage unit for awaiting the autopsy room . . . 

The autopsy room complete with table, drains, scales, and a built-in speaking tube connected to offices in the floor above.

One of the three laboratories . . .

Dudeboy perusing through the newly acquired collection (one of the curators (?) just bought the collection for herself and let us look through them as she was organizing them) of stereocards of disease, skin rashes and the like for use with a stereoscopic viewer.

In the library of the facility.  Dudeboy was in heaven . . . oaken cabinets, old books, odd paintings, etc. I daresay, he could envision this as his own study.

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