Monday, March 31, 2014

National History Bee . . . Nashville Regional Finals

Dudeboy just returned from the Nashville Regional of the National History Bee.  He was fairly nervous, but he did really well and made it all the way to the championship round.  So, we are very proud to say Dudeboy is a Regional Top-10 qualifier for the National History Bee National Finals to be held in Atlanta on June 6-8.
*Update . . . here is a photo from the twitter page of the National History Bee.  Dudeboy is on the far left side of the photo.  These kids were the finalists from the championship round.


Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Huzzah!! Malcolm you are, in my estimation, the coolest! Congratulations!

Tracy said...
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Anonymous said...

I guess living in the past pays off sometimes. Really proud of you Malc.

Avalon said...

Great job, Malc! So proud of you! Love, Avi

Anonymous said...

Great! A fine way to "bee". I am also very proud of you Malcolm. You win a stay at the cabin! Keith