Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 A.S.S.E.S. Big South Fork/Pickett Area

This past Friday through Sunday Dudeboy, Uncle Vic and I joined the rest of the A.S.S.E.S (the Arch Seekers of the SouthEastern States) for our biannual arch weekend. This year we (with the help of Ken P., Keith G., Travis B., and Greg W.) led the group on several hikes in the BSF/Pickett area of Kentucky and Tennessee. The photos that follow are just a few of the arches we visited. We had perfect weather, and Keith kept us stuffed.

We saw several bear prints at different locations. Also, a couple of copperheads were spied by some of the members of the group on different days.

We named this undocumented arch Yellowjacket for this site will forever be associated with a blitzkrieg attack by a nest of yellowjackets.  Alas, poor Dudeboy and I took the brunt of the strike as Dudeboy was stung three times and I got hit four times.

Can you see the little critter camouflaged in the leaves? Take a gander at the next picture for the reveal.

Buzzard Rock in McCreary County, Ky.

Indian Pipe, or the Corpse Plant . . . this is a pretty cool plant for it lacks chlorophyll.  It gets nutrients by being parasitic.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Sorry I wasn't better company. Am finally feeling somewhat human again. Maybe I'll actually be healthy for the next arch weekend.