Wednesday, July 10, 2013

150th Gettysburg

Atop the Pennsylvania Monument.  The monument gives commanding views overlooking the climactic scene of the battle.  In the other direction one can view Little Round Top, the Devils Den, etc.  The day we visited the battlefield was the 150th anniversary of the third day of the battle.  We toured the new visitor center/museum (well, new to me and Dudeboy) and we were able take part in the Pickett's Charge Commemorative March.

Pickett's Charge Commemorative March.  Just some of the throngs of people following the actual route of the Confederate forces during the Pickett/Petigrew/Trimble Charge . . . all converging at the Angle.

One last push . . . about to reach the Union lines. 

 A New York zouave . . . 

The regiment raised by the Tammany Hall political machine.  Dudeboy has been fascinated by Tammany Hall ever since he read about them through the Thomas Nast cartoons.

Some of the 9th Kentucky who made the trip up to Gettysburg.  It was so hot that at this particular scenario they let us go without sack coats.

Just a small portion of our division . . . there were three Union Divisions along with cavalry and artillery.  We never really saw the Rebs' encampment as they were situated a good ways away.  I hear tell there were about 13,000 reenactors at the event.  
**Update 7.24.13**  
I just found out that "there were approximately eleven thousand reenactors, one hundred forty cannons, four hundred horses, and sixty thousand spectators over the four days." 

Marching out to the field of battle on the third day of the four day event.  I was not able to get many decent photos as I didn't take the camera out on the field except this one time.  Unfortunately, that day afforded the least opportunities for pictures.

In the heat of battle . . .

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