Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eastern Kentucky Trip . . . Day 3

Well, this will be a quick overview of the last day of our trip to eastern Kentucky, as we are now leaving to go on a trip to the Big South Fork.  I can't keep the blog updated fast enough to keep up with our trips!  Anyway, the next several photos are of Cascade Cave in Carter Caves State Park.

This was the first time (that I can remember) that I have visited Cascade Cave.  The view above is of a pool of water at an entrance.  It was kind of an odd view with the reflections.

There were a few nice formations . . . mainly in this one room.

We also viewed an underground waterfall, but the photos did not do it justice.  It reminded me of a smaller Ruby Falls.

We then joined our friend Angela, who took us to a few other sites in Carter County, one of which was Big Sinking Creek.  The stream flows at this point underground for about 500'.

This is the other entrance.  We met one man who took a canoe through it.  He could not get all the way through (as the ceiling was too low at one point), so he entered from both sides.  Apparently, at one point, it opens up enough to stand up.

Angela then led us to an arch located on the property she grew up on.  There will surely be many more arches to be found in Carter County. 

The two photos above show Dudeboy at each entrance of the arch.

All in all, it was a very successful trip.  We made some new friends, and we documented several new arches.  I daresay, we will be making a return trip soon.

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