Monday, November 12, 2012

Chickamauga Living History

This past weekend Dudeboy and I traveled to Chickamauga to participate in a living history event at the park.  Because Dudeboy is not old enough to hold a gun (and he won't be for several years) there is not a lot for him to do at encampments.  So, I had him take photographs.  Dudeboy took all of the photos in this entry . . . I think he did a bang-up job.
All of the photos are from Sunday.  I didn't think to have him do it Saturday, when we had a few more men in line.

 We had a couple of "new" guys join us this weekend.  And one of them dressed as a soldier from the Army of the Potomac.  I believe he is being pointed out in this photo.

We did a comparison between the clean-cut and polished look of the Army of the Potomac (right) and the Army of the Cumberland (left).

I enjoy the living history encampments the best as you get to interact with the public more.  I had several people thank us adamantly for what we do.  Of course, Dudeboy favors the reenactments as he has more opportunities for participation.

We had perfect weather for the weekend.  If it had been any colder at night I might alter that statement, but a good time was shared by all of us who sat around the campfire.

To top it all off, Dudeboy got to hangout with General George H. Thomas . . . The Rock of Chickamauga all weekend.

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Mane says Malc is a very impressive photographer.