Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kingdom of Fife Geography Challenge Results

Eighteen intrepid souls initially attempted the Kingdom of Fife Geography Challenge, but only ten were able to see it to the end. Of those ten, seven were perfect on all of the retakes. Certificates (suitable for framing) were awarded for participation, 100% Club, and individual awards and certificates were bestowed for Best Pre-Test Adult, Best Pre-Test Kid-Like Person, Most Improved Adult, and Most Improved Kid-Like Person. Sorry, those who bailed out Get Nothing!, but my scorn and contempt.
The exclusive members of the 100% Club are: Asmita, Dudeboy, Jane, Lora, Merkin, Phyllis, and William S. The following photos show the winners of the individual awards.

Best Pre-Test Adult . . . William S. (here aided by Thing 1 and Thing 2). Along with his certificates suitable for framing, young William received a copy of the Tarak de Haidouks cd Maskarada for having the best Pre-Test Adult score of 91%.

Best Pre-Test Kid-Like Person . . . Dudeboy. Here is the young lad surrounded by his Kingdom of Fife Geography Challenge spoils, including a copy of the book Strange Maps: An Atlas of Cartographic Curiosities by Frank Jacobs. This was awarded for having the Best Pre-Test Kid-Like Person score of 77%.

Most Improved Adult . . . Aunt Phyllis. She made us all proud by her effort and enthusiasm. Her prize is the Hedningarna cd collection 1989-2003. Plus, she can forever talk smack to Avalon and Clynton when it comes to geography.

Most Improved Kid-Like Person . . . The Richard. His retake scores were seventy percentage points higher than his pre-test scores. Pictured with The Richard is the exceptional Asmita who belongs to the elite 100% Club. For their efforts, they will share a copy of the Putumayo compilation - World Playground . . . A Musical Adventure for Kids.

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