Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where in the world is Dudeboy?

In our never-ending desire to better ourselves (ha!), Dudeboy, Dr. J and I have decided to try and address our pathetic lack of geographic knowledge. And we challenge you (specifically Adonis) to join us. For this endeavor, we are using the geography quizzes from this website. Specifically, these quizzes:

Country quizzes for
. . .And state and provinces quizzes for . . .Now we have decided to do a pre-test on each of these quizzes without studying or cursory looks (no cheating on this point). We then take note of our score. These quizzes are not timed, and if you miss one it allows two more chances. Of course, fewer mistakes garner higher scores. Here are the results of our pretests (click on the graphs to enlarge) . . .

Dudeboy . . . 77% correct

Dr. J . . . 84% correct

Merkin . . . 85% correct

It should go without saying: Oceania killed us. But here is the deal . . . the winner will be the person whose percentage of correct answers increases the most from the pretest score. We will focus on different region for a two-week period before we retake the test for that particular region. So, is anyone game?


Avalon said...

I'll play!!!

Adonis said...

I'm in, Geography Boy. You should make your own quiz of Ky counties to give yourself an unfair advantage.

Adonis said...

And you need to warn people that it doesn't keep track of how many you get right and wrong, it only does points (unless I'm missing it somewhere, which is very possible). Also, I got Malawi, Mauritania and Angola right and it said I was wrong! (and maybe Dem. Rep. of Congo, but since I can't keep the Congos straight, I'm not sure and it was a guess anyway, but no matter which Congo I clicked on it said it was the wrong one.) I got 138 points. Should I retake it and keep track? I've only done Africa thus far.

Merkin J. Pus-Tart said...

I think you should keep the score you got . . . I had a couple of mess-ups as well (I remember I clicked on something wrong in Canada). I do know you have to have the finger on the hand pointer in the right place or it might count it wrong. Also, we took the points and converted them to percentages. But I still have the totals on a list.

Merkin J. Pus-Tart said...

take the next few days to do the pre-tests while we wait to see if anyone else are gonna join our fun. We need to decide which quiz we are going to do first. I vote for Oceania to be last!

And I think Adonis has a good suggestion pertaining to a Ky. County quiz. But I suggest we get these quizzes outta the way first.

Finally, because all of this actually to get Dudeboy to learn his countries, we will attack the capitals at a later time.

Lora Gill said...

Count the three of us in! I vote for South America first. That, or Asia.