Friday, March 25, 2011

Retake Results Round 1

Based on the retests that have been turned in, I can honestly exclaim that our little trip around the world is already a resounding success. Pretty much everyone has turned in a score of 100% for the retakes. Now I realize that the US states and Canadian provinces will be the easiest and most familiar to everyone. However, for the 11 people who retook the US states quiz there was an average increase of 13 percentage points, and for the 15 people who retook the Canadian provinces quiz there was an average increase of 19 percentage points! Great job everyone.
And because of all of those high scores, my expectations have changed. So, for all of the future retests I expect no less than 100%. That means you will learn the country locations. The great Oz has spoken!

Remember that the second round (the Central America & part of Caribbean retest and the South American retest) will be due next Friday, which is April 1st.

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