Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Exploring Kentucky

Dudeboy and I travelled to our state capitol of Frankfort for a homeschool day at the Kentucky Historical Society. The theme was "Exploring Kentucky." In addition to the exhibits, there was a historical interpretation about frontiersman Daniel Trabue, a hands-on-history lesson, and a tour of the Old State Capitol. We barely scratched the surface of what we wanted to see in Frankfort, so I dare say we will be returning in the near future.

Dudeboy standing near the spot where William Goebel was shot in 1900. He is the only governor in US history to be assassinated.

State senator Dudeboy in the senate chamber . . .

The famous self-supporting staircase . . . Dudeboy was quite taken with the architecture of the Old State Capitol. Don't get him started about the Ionic columns.

Working hard in the House of Representatives . . .

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