Saturday, February 13, 2010

Darwin Day and his rEvolution

On Friday February 12, Merkin, Dr. J, and I went to Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal to see an exhibit about Darwin: Darwin's rEvolution. My favorite parts of the exhibit were a first edition of the Descent of Man and small metal Darwin and Galapagos tortoise figurines. After that, I went to the history museum which had a re-creation of Cincinnati with scale model trains and trolleys. They also had a real trolley car you could get on. Seeing the trolley car made me feel like Pa when he was a kid, like the time when he entered a car, threw a firecracker under a seat, and said, "Mister, there's a firecracker under your seat." And right when he said that, it exploded. I next went to the kid's museum. It had a scavenger hunt where you followed the purple bottles in the wall to find some gold (it wasn't real).

We stopped in Covington on the way to Louisville to eat at Wertheim's Gausthaus, a German restaurant. I ate some real wurst, schnitzel, sauerkraut, and potato pancake. When we got to Louisville, we shared our Darwin day cookies with the Stone family. It was a completely fun Darwin day. I can't wait until next year.

Darwin's (edible) Tree of Life

Darwin's rEvolution

Birds of Paradise and insects . . . variation and adaptation

Jefferson's Ground Sloth . . . common to the Big Bone Lick area

"Hey mister, there's a firecracker under your seat!"

Darwin Day with the Stone-cold-Birkett family


Aunt Pee & Uncle Charlie Dog said...

Okay, let me say once again, You're having way too much fun to call this school! Can I be one of your classmates? I think it's funny that one of the first things you thought about on the trolley was the trick Pa played on that poor person envolving a firecracker! You ate an amazing assortment of German food. Did you like it? What was your favorite? The edible cookie looked fantastic! Did it taste as good as it looked? What were the little blue decorated cookies supposed to be - depictions of various Darwin stuff? Did you save me one? Love, Aunt Pee

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!