Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clay, Animals, and Imagination

Dudeboy just finished the Super Saturday program at WKU for this semester. It was an art class working with clay. The class was called "Clay, Animals, and Imagination." Here are a few pictures of his creations.

The tophat is a time capsule. Sealed inside the hat is another clay creation (a hinged leg) and a photo of Dudeboy working on his projects.

Dudeboy put together this instillation he calls "The Cat's Dream." It looks like an angelic Beanie to me.


Aunt Pee & Uncle Charlie Dog said...

Dudeboy, words fail me. . . Your clay creations are awesome! My favorite is "The Cat's Dream". Is it for sale? I would love to have an original work of art from you. It makes me happy and peaceful to look at it. It would go well with Avi's painting of the cotton candy trees. Let me know. Love Love Love

Dude Boy said...

"The Cat's Dream" is just a bunch of cotton balls with the cat head I made out of clay. It was only temporary. It has been taken down because it was on my desk. We can send a photo if you want.

Zed said...

The cat sculpture would have been more life like if you would have used parts from a real cat.