Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Nina, Pinta and the Falls of the Ohio

The end of last week was very busy. Friday we went to the Nashville zoo for the Homeschool Afternoon. I learned about animal husbandry: raising domesticated animals. We met a skunk, an owl, and a rabbit.

On Saturday we went to see the life-size replicas of the Nina and Pinta that were docked in Louisville. I got to go aboard both. The Pinta was bigger and faster. I was able to go on the top of the Pinta and then on the lower part of the deck but not inside the ship. On the Pinta there were two models of the ship: one of it being built and one of it finished. The Nina was the smallest ship. They said that this is the most historically accurate replica ever made of a Columbus ship. I was surprised at how small the ship was, just 65 feet long.

Then we went to the Fossil Fest at the Falls of the Ohio. It's supposed to be one of the largest deposits of Devonian fossils. We walked to the fossil beds to get to the tents set up for the festival, and I couldn't take a step without stepping on a fossil.

At one giant tent we bought several fossils and rocks: a fish fossil, a coprolite (fossilized tortoise poop), a shark's tooth, and a piece of malachine ( a green mineral from Zaire). I almost went for the green goldstone which is man-made. We could have spent a lot more money on fossils.


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