Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hart County Civil War Days

Saturday we went to Hart County Civil War Days. First we went to the Woodson house by the real battlefield. We saw a display of artifacts found by a man who finds relics from the Civil War and before: glasses, bullets, and anything else a metal detector can find. He had a large collection of bullets and even a metal star from a Revolutionary War uniform, and he gave me a bullet. We got to use an apple cider press. A basket-maker showed us how he uses honeysuckle vines to weave very, very small baskets. We walked around the trail that circles the real battlefield.

After we went into town, we saw the model of the Hunley ( a confederate submarine) that was there. We even got to turn the crank that powered the submarine. When they raised the Hunley, they discovered a rubberized cloth hose, rubber gaskets and elastic suspenders. Isn't that a surprise!

Next we went to a tent they had set up like a confederate hospital. We saw medical tools that helped give anesthesia. We learned that 98% of Civil War operations used anesthesia. Mostly they amputated when the patient was asleep, not like I had thought.

We went to the museum and saw Lincoln give a speech about his life, and I got to have my picture taken with him, again. After we saw Lincoln, we went to the reenactment which was inaccurate because it was not at the site of the original battle.

Then we went to Kentucky Stonehenge. I stood on the stone in the middle decorated with a compass.

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