Friday, September 26, 2008

Civil War and more Civil War

This entry is about two separate “fun-day” trips.

On September 13th, Merkin and I went to the Hart County Civil War Days. First we walked around the arts and crafts fair, where we met Robert E. Lee. I really don’t know why he was at Munfordville. He wasn’t even at the original Battle of Munfordville. We then saw Davis and Lincoln debate. It is funny because they never really met. Next, we went to the re-enactment of the Battle of Munfordville, aka Battle for the Bridge. First off, there was this narrator named Rebel Rick. He talked through the whole thing. And when the battle began, he said “Here comes a cavalry charge!” and it was only one man on a horse. The re-enactment ended for the day without a winner. Rebel Rick said “Come tomorrow to see who wins,” but we had had enough of Rebel Rick.
This past Friday, we went to Lexington to tour the Hunt-Morgan House. Both John Hunt Morgan and Thomas Hunt Morgan lived there. Thomas was John’s nephew. He was the first geneticist to win the Nobel Prize. John Hunt Morgan was called the Thunderbolt of the Confederacy. There is a neat story about Morgan and this house. There was a Union encampment around the house. One day he rode up to the big front doors and the servants opened them. He rode into the house on his horse, kissed his mother and then rode out the back door. We also saw the John C. Breckinridge Memorial and the Morgan Memorial on the town square. John Hunt Morgan rode a mare named Black Bess. The person who made the statue thought a General that great should be riding a stallion instead, so he put testicles on the horse. And for pranks, teenagers and UK students would paint the balls blue and white. We then went to the Lexington National Cemetery, where we saw the graves of Morgan, Basil Duke and Breckinridge. On the way to Tracy’s we stopped in Frankfort to see Daniel Boone’s grave. Check back next week . . . I am heading to Fort Boonesborough!

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