Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blood of Boone

This is the third entry for our trip to the tri-state area.

Sunday we headed to Virginia. Our first stop was Natural Tunnel State Park. There was a book signing at the natural tunnel. The book is called Natural Tunnel: Nature’s Marvel in Stone. We bought a copy from the author who signed it for me. There is a train track that runs through the natural tunnel, and it is still used today by trains for coal mines. No trains came by when we were there. The natural tunnel is at the bottom of a big cliff. Are you wondering how we got down to the bottom to the natural tunnel? We rode a chairlift! I was afraid Merkin was going to drop his camera. We also hiked up to the highest point called Lover’s Leap. It was a great view. Next we headed to Wilderness Road State Park. It is a recreation of Martin’s Station which was the last outpost before you entered the Kentucky wilderness. There was a private who greeted us and gave me a piece of paper that said “five schillings.” He said that I might be needing this to purchase land in Kentucky. Inside the fort a man came up to me and asked if I wanted to do land business and he turned out to be . . . Daniel Boone! When he found out that I was related to his sister Hanna Boone Pennington, he was very pleased to meet a relative and he gave back the five schillings. He said that he would pay for 100 acres in Kentucky for me with his own money! I was so excited I could not even say a word. It turns out that this Daniel Boone was the actor in the films at both the Wilderness Road State Park and Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. The next entry will be the last for this trip.

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