Monday, August 18, 2008

Civil War Trip

This entry is about two different trips. First (on Friday, August 8), we went to Bardstown to visit the Bardstown Civil War Museum, War Memorial of Mid-America and the Women‘s Civil War Museum. We saw many old artifacts . . . canons, guns, drums and old uniforms. The Civil War Museum was dedicated to just the western theatre. It had displays about Perryville, Shiloh, Chickamauga and other important battles. There were medical tools and musical instruments. There was even a display about Johnny Clem the Little Drummer Boy of Shiloh. The War Memorial of Mid-America had a special display about civil war guerillas. They talked about Sue Mundy (not our cat!). Bardstown was awesome. Then this Friday (the 18th) we went to Perryville to tour Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site. Near the time of the battle, Lincoln said, “I think to lose Kentucky is nearly the same as to lose the whole game.” Phyllis joined on this trip. We first went to the museum, where we watched a film about the battle and we looked at the displays. Also, I got candy cartridges, candy musket balls, and black powder candy. Then Merkin and I toured almost the whole battlefield. Some of the highlights were the H.P Bottom House, Doctor’s Creek, the cornfield and all of the canons! This was the largest battle fought in Kentucky. Try to imagine what it was like at the time of the battle. When we were there, it was a lot quieter!

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Aunt Pee & Uncle Charlie Dog said...

I had fun hanging out even though I didn't get to tour the battlefield with you and Merkin. At least the film didn't put me to sleep - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz