Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Memorial Day we went to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. The first thing we saw was Birds of the Gauntlet. It was a show about birds of prey. Some of the birds shown were falcons, hawks and owls. Then I did Dragon Joust. You get on wooden horse that is on a wire, and the wire is hooked up to a platform. The horse goes down the wire, and you try to spear a ring that the dragon is holding. We then wandered around. Then we went to the real jousting tournament. There was an unhorsing (that is when a knight gets knocked off his horse). They wore a full suit of armor and the joust was full contact. There were several broken lances. My favorite knight was the one with the U.S. flag, but he didn’t win. The blue knight won. After the joust, we went to tour a castle. When we were going into the castle, we got soaking wet because of a humongous storm. We rode all the way home soaking wet!

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vic said...

Wow, Malc!
Looks like a lot of fun. Did you get unseated during the jousting? Did you get to see any of the castle before the rain hit? Are you going to the Highland Games?
Uncle Vic