Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bernheim Arboretum

Wednesday Merkin and I met William and the twins at Bernheim Arboretum. The first thing we did was go to the visitor center. It was a building that had grass growing on the roof. Then we went to the Canopy Tree Walk. It was very high. You could feel it move when you walked on it. The twins made music by brushing the protection bars on the rails. Then we went to the fire tower, but we couldn’t climb it because it was locked. We then went to the playground where the twins played hide and seek. On the seesaw I found that the twins together weighed more than me. I also found a fossil rock. After that more hide and go seek. Grant got sleepy, so they had to go home. Merkin and I got lunch at Taco Bell then returned to Bernheim Forest and did some hiking. We hiked Guerilla Hollow Trail. Guerilla Hollow was named after civil war guerillas stayed in the area. I recommend that you go there.


tracy said...

great pictures tod n bomb,
Hey dude boy, i remember as a kid, mane and pa took us to many a neat place just like you are visiting with merkin. You are lucky to have Merkin for a teacher. Cant wait for our week at Aunt Pees. i love YOU, aunt tracy

vic said...

Mane and Pa used to take me to Bernheim Forest when I was your age. It's a magical place...was an adventurous trip to the wilds when I was a wee lad living in the city.
Uncle Vic