Friday, April 18, 2008

My First Earthquake

During the night there was an earthquake that measured 5.2, but I slept through it. While I was doing math this morning (around 10:20 am) the stove rattled and then the bookcase started shaking. There was also a bitsy rumbling noise. My first earthquake! We went to the USGS Earthquake Center on the internet and answered questions about our experience. It had a magnitude of 4.6. On the map, the red box is the quake I felt. And the big blue box shows the earthquake from last night. I realized what was going on, but I wasn’t scared. I was excited because it was my first earthquake.


avnigo said...

Wow Malcolm! That's exciting. I remember in Chattanooga, about 5 years ago, there was a really big earthquake that woke me up (that's how I knew it was big)! You were living in Ringgold then.

Merkin J. Pus-Tart said...

Hey A, I remember that one very clearly. I actually felt everything moving during that quake. This one felt like a giant wave passing over the house.