Friday, February 1, 2008

The Train Depot

Hello you all,
This week for fun-day we went to the Historic Railpark and Train Museum at the L&N Depot here in Bowling Green. It has not been open very long. The most fun part of it was a tour of a real train. They are supposed to get an engine very soon. The dining car was very big. The kitchens had fold-down sinks that looked like big humps in the wall. The cook had to make a lot of biscuits every morning. His way of making biscuits became Bisquick. Then we went to the sleeper car. It had fold down beds. The museum was still working on an exhibit, but we saw a lot of others. There was an exhibit about the Great Locomotive Chase that ended where I used to live . . . Ringgold , Ga. The museum had a big toy train display. When I got home, I played with my dad’s Lionel Blue Streak.
Dude Boy

Look closely at the preacher's name on the sign for a tent revival at the toy train display. It says "Marjoe Gortner - Today - 4 Year Old Evangelist." Seeing this alone was worth the trip. Merkin

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Aunt Pee & Uncle Charlie Dog said...

Dude Boy,
Someday you should take a train ride somewhere where you could sleep overnight in a sleeper car. I don't think my big butt could fit on one of those narrow beds but you wouldn't have any trouble. Toot! Toot!