Thursday, February 21, 2008

Out of This World

Hello all,
Wednesday Merkin and I went to the Nashville Adventure Science Center for homesCOOL Day. The theme was Out of This World. I learned about the sun, the planets and the stars. Because the new planetarium was not finished yet, we watched the star show in the "Jiffy Pop" planetarium. Later that night we watched the lunar eclipse. I wanted to stay up all night watching it. The lunar eclipse was perfect timing for this homesCOOL Day.
Love, Dude Boy

"Jiffy Pop" planetarium

Poop + Dude Boy= Poophead

Mad Scientist

Looking at the lunar eclipse

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Aunt Pee & Uncle Charlie Dog said...

Dude Boy,
Wished you could have watch the lunar thingie with us in the hot tub. We had VIP seats!