Thursday, December 6, 2007

Letter of the Week . . . Caves

Hello family and friends,
Fun day this week was all about caves. First we went to Diamond Caverns. It is a pretty cave with neat formations. Then we learned about the famous cave explorer Floyd Collins. We went to Sand cave. While exploring the cave, his leg got trapped by a rock and he died. Then we went to his grave. The top of his tombstone was covered with pennies.
Love, Dude Boy
Formations in Diamond Caverns

Cave Bacon

Dude Boy atop flowstone

Dude Boy at the Sand Cave entrance

The grave of Floyd Collins


Aunt Pee said...

Dude boy - you're one lucky Dude! Did you eat any cave bacon? You're having way too much fun.

Zed said...

Dude boy I like your duds, did you get to see any blind fish, or albino grasshoppers.

vic said...

Dude Boy,
Guess I'll stop buying bacon in the grocery store and start getting it in caves. How much is it a pound?

Lynn said...

Hey Dude Boy,
Did you pick up any vibes from Mr Collins about his preference to be buried in the cave or not?

Thanks for the educational links and lovely photos!

Merkin J. Pus-Tart said...

Lynn, actually there is a very morbid story surrounding the burial of Floyd Collins. His casket was eventually (long story) placed in a show cave that his family had once owned called Crystal Cave. It had a glass cover so one could view the body. As people are evil and disgusting things, someone stole the body. When the body was recovered in a nearby field it was missing a leg. Collins was again placed in the coffin, but with a chain and lock. Apparently, if you tipped the guide he would let you peek through the crack to see the corpse. Finally, when the park service acquired the cave, Collins was buried in a nearby cemetery. Sounds like a Cormac McCarthy novel.

leat don't cheat said...

Why were there pennies on top of his grave? Too late for good luck right?