Monday, December 31, 2007

Dude Boy's Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,
I had to go to sleep early on Christmas eve. On Christmas day, I opened a lot of presents. Then I helped my mother make a gingerbread house. Later my grandparents and my uncle came over for Christmas dinner. Nana and Papa gave me a quill that really writes. Saturday we went to Ralph and Tracy’s for Pa’s 80th birthday and the Fife family Christmas party. Mane made me a uniform of a revolutionary war soldier, and she also made me a magician’s outfit. Thanks to everyone for all my presents. I liked everything!
Happy New Year!
Dude Boy


Aunt Pee & Uncle Charlie Dog said...

Dude Boy, Do we have an awesome family or what! What a great birthday and X-Mas.

vic said...

You cut a dashing figure in that spiffy uniform! What a wonderful Christmas and birthday party...made for a lot of memories.

Lynn said...

Hi Malcolm,
Great pictures ... especially of you in uniform! You are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful and talented family!

Looking forward to more creepy pictures!

When will your Beatles recital be?

Stay warm!