Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day . . . in what has apparently become a new tradition, the Fife Clan returned to Red Boiling Springs, Tn for Mother's Day.  This year we ate at Armour's Hotel, where one can also partake of the mineral baths and the like . . . and of course sample the sulfur water.

The next few pictures are of Avi "taking the waters."  As wikipedia states in their article about Red Boiling Springs: "The various waters contained several minerals but sulfur was predominant, giving the waters the scent (and some would say, the flavor) of rotten eggs."  More like rotten eggs seeped in sewer water.

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Anonymous said...

Mane said that Tracy and Phyl cracked up when they saw the pics of Avi. Mom did, as well.
Fun day, Vic