Monday, May 20, 2013

Battle of Sacramento

This weekend Dudeboy and I participated in the 19th Reenactment of the Battle of Sacramento.  This calvary skirmish was Nathan Bedford Forrest's first action in the Civil War.  Dudeboy's gr-gr-gr grandfather C.P. Fife fought with Forrest here at Sacramento, as he was part of the first company Forrest raised.  They were nicknamed the Boone Rangers and were under the command of Captain J. F. Overton.  Members of the company were out of Meade County, and they helped Forrest smuggle "five hundred Colt's Navy pistols, and one hundred saddles and other horse equipments"* back to Memphis where another company (Forrest Rangers) had been raised . . . all of which formed the nucleus of his new command.
On another note, I must add that from an reactor's perspective this event is a stand-out.  They provided stretch limos to transport participants back and forth to the parking area (I wish I had sense to take pictures of the reenactors in the limos!), and they served an insanely vast meal to all who participated. 
*The quote is from The Campaigns of Lt. Gen. Nathan B. Forrest and of Forrest's Cavalry by Thomas Jordan and J. P. Pryor . . . originally printed in 1868.        

Pvt. Baconator and Pvt. Squishy leaving camp for the period ball. 

Partaking of the "Snookie Appreciation Day" cake.

Dudeboy drilling with some of the members of the 12th Illinois.  As there were only a few of the 9th Ky. that made the trip to Sacramento, our unit fell in with the 12th IL and 81st IL to form the Color Company of the Federal line.

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