Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Newbs No More

Well, Dudeboy and I just wrapped up our first full year of reenacting.  We stayed fairly busy with it, as we were able to participate with the 9th Ky. at most of the scheduled events.

Dudeboy and Merkin at the grave of private Joel "Top" Simmons, 9th Ky, Co. K

Here is the listing of the events we participated in 2012 . . .

Feb. 18-19 : Fort Donelson, Dover, TN (150th anniversary event)
March 31-April 1:
Shiloh (150th anniversary event)
*May 27:
Stones River National Cemetery Memorial Day Salute, Murfreesboro, TN
June 9-10:
Old Mulkey Meeting House, Tompkinsville, KY Living History event
Aug. 25-26:
Battle of Richmond, Richmond, KY (150th anniversary event)
Oct. 6-7:
Battle of Perryville, KY (150th anniversary event)
Nov. 10-11:
Chickamauga National Battlefield (Living History event)
Dec 1-2:
Civil War Relic Show, Franklin, TN
**Dec. 29-31: Stones River, Murfreesboro, TN (150th anniversary event)  

*Dudeboy was unable to participate in this event due to illness.
**Dudeboy was unable to participate in this event due to the new age regulations put forth by the National Park Service. 

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